Our most important task is to ensure your absolute satisfaction. We will always strive to reach that target. However, we acknowledge that mistakes are made occasionally. This paragraph covers that possibility.

If you are not wholly satisfied with the Product(s) you have purchased from us, please tell us at the earliest opportunity:

  • exactly what is the fault; 
  • the date, if relevant, when the fault became apparent; 
  • when and how you discovered the fault; 
  • how the fault affected your use of the Products. 


To do this, it is essential that you email and inform us that you would like to return the Product(s), specifying exactly what Products you plan to return and when they were purchased. Please also provide full details of the defect or other reason for return. We will then issue a returns note.  If you send Products to us without a returns note, we may not be able to identify sufficient details to enable us to attend to your complaint.

The Products must be returned to us as soon as any defect is discovered. So far as possible, Products should be returned:

  • with both Products and all packaging as far as possible in their original condition; 
  • securely wrapped; 
  • including our delivery slip; 
  • at your risk and cost.